Flat Rotation Extractor

Flat rotation extractor is very popular to many kinds of pre-pressed cake. Rotation Cell at the high bin level makes it easy to form immersion vegetable oil extraction way and reduces meal fines in miscella. The Flat rotation extractor adopts rack driving system.

All this will help to improve the quality of crude oil and reduce scaling in the evaporation system. Out double layers Rotation Extractor has strong oil extraction power. It can be used for vegetable oil extraction from oilseeds. Expanded oil materials and pre-pressed cakes with the oil content of 25~35%. After vegetable oil extraction, oil residue in meal is reduced to less than 1%.
oil extractor Flat Rotation Extractor

  • Unique rotor balancing ensures less power consumption, less maintenance and no loud noise.
  • Rotation speed of Air Lock and Rotor Extractor can be adjusted automatically according to incoming oilseeds quantity to ensure that the bin level is stable. This will help to form micro negative pressure in the Extractor and prevent solvent escaping out from the Extractor.
  • Process of miscella circulation is improved to reduce solvent use, Solvent residue in meal and increases miscella concentration.
  • Engery Is saved by reducing the evaporation quantity.

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Oil Frame Filter Press

The oil frame filter press is mainly used for filtering the crude oil pressed out by screw type oil press. The serial oil filter presses of frame typed oil filtering machine are ideal equipments for edible oil plant and individual oil processing house.

Oil frame filter press always be used as a oil purifier in the oil plants for edible oil or biodiesel. This model filter is suitable for filter crude oil and refined oil, and it is also can be used to filter bleaching oil in the refining workshop.
6LB-250 oil filter press 6LB-350 oil filter press
Crude (freshly extracted) oil contains moisture, and fiber, resins, colors etc. from the plant material, which make it darker and more opaque. These materials are removed by clarification – either by letting the oil stands undisturbed for a few days and then separating the upper layer, or by using an oil frame filter press. The oil is filtered through a cloth and heated briefly to 100°C to boil off any remaining traces of moisture. This is usually sufficient to meet the quality needs of customers and give a shelf life of several months when correctly packaged. However, the oil requires additional refining stages of de-gumming, neutralising and de-colouring to have a similar quality to commercially refined oils, and these stages are difficult to complete at a small scale.

Our oil frame filter press is characterized by convinient operation, stable technical effect, high capacity and low impurity.

How to Process Oilseed on a Small Scale

Most countries in the world have large refineries producing cooking oil from a variety of raw materials including maize, sunflower, soya, coconut, mustard seed and groundnuts. These large centralised plants have the advantage of high efficiency and reduced costs due to the economy of scale. Despite this, in many situations process oilseed on a small scale decentralised oil extraction can prove to be economic and provide opportunities for income generation.

Most commonly, opportunities exist where:

  • oil produced in the large refineries does not find its way out to more remote and distant rural areas.
  • high transport costs are involved in wide distribution of cooking oil so increasing the price of oil.
  • small farmers produce oilseeds such as groundnuts for sale to the large refineries which they then buy back, at high cost, in the form of cooking oil but without the valuable high protein oil cake.
  • the crude oil is used to produce added value products, most commonly soap.
  • more unusual, high value oilseeds are available; examples include Brazil Nuts, Macadamia Nuts.

Process Oilseed on a Small Scale

The policy environment

In many countries the oil processing sector is highly politicised and regulations exist which make entering the market difficult and tend to support the monopoly of the large processors. Large refineries may, for example, insist that farmers sell all their seed under a contract. In other cases seed has to be sold to a central Government marketing board, the board also supplying seed for planting. To determine whether small scale processing is likely to be economic it is most important to first investigate the local situation and regulations.

Raw material supply

Clearly there must be sufficient raw material available locally. One factor that will greatly influence the viability of the enterprise will be the amount of credit needed to purchase a stock of seed. The enterprise should aim to keep the minimum stock of seed but always have enough to continue operating throughout the year. This requires considerable working capital.

Where to Obtain Quality Rapeseed Oil Mill?

Rapeseed is far more durable than other oilseeds since it can withstand spring frost. It has a relatively low hull content and has an oil content of about 40-45% oil.

KMEC supplies seed oil press for rapeseed. After cleaning, the seeds are fed into oil mills or expeller. An OILTEK Expeller equipped with an independent kettle to heat and cook the seeds so that expelling can be done properly and maximum oil is squeezed to get top quality oil and cake.
Rapeseed Oil Mill
These eco-friendly machines provide excellent yields.Oil extraction was done exclusively with presses in the old times. Oil extraction is done with expellers as pre extraction before solvent extraction or as direct press extraction in the most situations. Oil Mills can process high oil content seeds like sunflower, rapeseed, castor, sheanut, copra, mango kernels and so forth. In smaller capacity plants, it is mostly used as direct extraction but while the capacity increases, oil mills are utilized for pre extraction.

If oil mill is utilized as pre extraction method, then the expelled cakes should be cooled in a Cooler before entering the extraction section. KMEC supplies the top quality Oil Mill machinery at very competitive prices. If you have interested in our rapeseed oil mill, pls feel free to contact us !