Homemade Oil using Oil Presses

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Oils can be prepared from home by having the required equipment which can extract the oil from seeds and nuts.
Oil presses for home equipment are really simple and easy to use. They won’t take up much space, not much power is needed and you can achieve a good quality of oils which are away from the chemicals. It gives you the freshly prepared oil by just pressing the seeds or nuts by means of a machine. Some oils which are being extracted can be used for lighting up lamps. Oil pressesfor home are not usually welcomed by most people but it is a safe way of getting edible oils with high quality.

The residue which is left after the oil is being extracted from the seeds can be used as  feed for animals. Since the oil is being prepared from homes, the facilities are limited and hence we need an extra effort in cleaning and making the oil perfect. Initially the oil will be bitter in taste and cloudy so it requires some cleaning process. Equal amount of warm water should be taken along with the oil inside a container with the nozzle at the bottom. Mix it well and leave the water to settle down. Draw off the water and repeat it for two to three times so that the oil which is left out in the container is free from impurities.