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Seed oils are extracted from the seeds of sunflower, cotton, soy bean, and rape seeds and so on. Different seed oil press machines are used to extract the oil from the seeds.Generally the oil press machine has a feeder in which the seeds are loaded and then crushed using a pressing cage. The pressing cage can be adjusted with the help of a screw shaft. The selection of good seeds will yield a good amount of oil. For a successful process in yielding the oil, you need to check whether the seeds are dry, clean and warm. Sunflower seeds which are slightly damp should not be pressed until it has been dried under sunlight or using a boiler.
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You can easily differentiate between a hard seed and a soft seed by trying to peel off the shell. Hard seed shells are not so easy to peel off whereas the softer seed shells can be peeled off with the help of our fingers. The pressure exerted on the seeds should be adjusted perfectly in order to achieve the desired output. The YZS series oil screw press is the latest oilseed processing machine. For canola seeds to be processed a mild heating treatment is given at the beginning and then moisture is applied to improve the oil extraction. All kind of oils are finally purified after the extraction so that the quality of the oil is high.