Flat Rotation Extractor

Flat rotation extractor is very popular to many kinds of pre-pressed cake. Rotation Cell at the high bin level makes it easy to form immersion vegetable oil extraction way and reduces meal fines in miscella. The Flat rotation extractor adopts rack driving system.

All this will help to improve the quality of crude oil and reduce scaling in the evaporation system. Out double layers Rotation Extractor has strong oil extraction power. It can be used for vegetable oil extraction from oilseeds. Expanded oil materials and pre-pressed cakes with the oil content of 25~35%. After vegetable oil extraction, oil residue in meal is reduced to less than 1%.
oil extractor Flat Rotation Extractor

  • Unique rotor balancing ensures less power consumption, less maintenance and no loud noise.
  • Rotation speed of Air Lock and Rotor Extractor can be adjusted automatically according to incoming oilseeds quantity to ensure that the bin level is stable. This will help to form micro negative pressure in the Extractor and prevent solvent escaping out from the Extractor.
  • Process of miscella circulation is improved to reduce solvent use, Solvent residue in meal and increases miscella concentration.
  • Engery Is saved by reducing the evaporation quantity.

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Buying the Essential Oil Extractor

Getting an Essential Oil Extractor is a matter of crucial importance particularly if one hails from the world regions where olive and oil producing grains are grown. Oil can be extracted for human consumption from many products. Even if the extracted oil is for machinery or for other possible use, the finished oil ought to have the highest safety of use. Well, safety is not the only place that will be factored in when buying an oil extractor but to arrive to the ultimate extractor, the basic question should be; where am I extracting the oil?

Oil ExtractorSo, what are the factors that one will need to consider when selecting an Essential Oil Extractor? Various methods can be put into place for oil extraction. These can include anything from distillation, maceration, enfleurage, solvent extraction to expression. Selecting the most appropriate extractor to match the best method for your particular type of oil will work best for you since some oils are of the highest quality extracted through certain methods.

The Anyang GEMCO oil extractor is in a class of its own when it comes to large scale production of oil. It can be used for commercial oil extraction. Design is one of the most promising and efficient oil extractors in the current market. This one product will make any user realize just how easy the extraction of oil can be. Its capacity is an overwhelming 50 tons per day.

AGICO also has great oil extractors that are used in the extraction of oil from jatropha in Africa and elsewhere. Such come handy in the preparation of the oil cake, which is then further processed to produce the jatropha oil. Since they are a big company, they will send engineers to do the installation and to ensure that the production kicks off in the right gear. There are many more extractors in the market but it is always better to invest in the best and most renowned brand names.