Extract of oil from the Oil Presses

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Oil is a semi-thick liquid substance which can be extracted from various resources like fruits, nuts and seeds. Oil is not soluble in water but it can mix with other oils and organic solvents to form a substance like soaps which are used for washing purpose. oilseedsThroughout the universe, oil forms the base for all substances, whether it’s for cooking or for lubrication or for any other purpose, oil is being used up quite significantly which makes oil as a valuable product and always in demand for usage. Sunflower oil and olive oil are mostly used for cooking purposes and one might wonder how these oils are extracted from their seeds.

The oils are extracted by using the specific machines which are called as “Oil Presses”. There are certain measures which should be noted, before processing the seeds for extraction through the machines. Seeds and nuts might have stones and sand on it, which desires to be removed with the help of water and then it has to be dried. These seeds should be stored in the ventilated rooms with weather proof and safeguarded against the insects. After these precautionary measures, the seeds are then sent to the Oil Presses machines for the extraction of oil from the raw materials. Basically, extraction of oil can be done in three ways – solvent extraction, hot processing or by cold processing.

YZS-80 Oil PressYZS-95 Oil Press

Small scale industries do not prefer solvent extraction method since the cost and risk involved in processing is very high. YZS series, YZX series, YZS automatic series machines are mainly used for the extraction. The capacity and the oil output rate depends on the machines which are being used for the extraction and the power consumed also differs accordingly. The YZS automatic series machines have heating, expelling and filtering equipments for producing high quality oil. Oil Presses will automatically adjust the processing temperature of the seeds which are being grinded and the vacuum filer inside it produces the purification of oil for a better result.