Oil Presses for Sale

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Oils are extracted from machines by pressing the seeds or nuts with a desired pressure on it. It is really hard to extract oils without the use of oil press machines. There are several oil presses for sale in the market, so purchasing the right machine can make you to deliver with a good output range. The capacity of each oil press machines varies and the price varies accordingly. A small scale oil press canbio-130 oil press produce around 1 to 5 ton/ day which is relatively less when compared with the integrated oil presses which can produce a turnaround of about 10 to 150 ton/day. Oil presses for sale is done by limited companies or a person but the oil pressing machines are not being the latest versions. Only simple and easy uses of oil pressing equipments are mostly for sale rather than the newest equipments.

The advanced oil pressing equipments does not require man power to a greater extent. Once the seeds are locked inside the machine, the temperature and pressure is set to a predefined value. Wait till the seeds are crushed and oil is being extracted to a filter which obviously takes away the impurities. The filtered oil is obtained within few minutes and with good quality. Oil press machines takes less time to extract oils and thus a large amount of oil can be obtained in a day. Spiral type oil presses for sale can be purchased for homes that prefer to extract cooking oils and biodiesel oils. Oil presses are mostly in use for companies which require large production of oils rather than at homes.