All You Need to Know is about Starting a Cooking Oil Processing Plant

Edible oil is indispensable in People’s Daily life. In recent years, with the rapid development of global edible oil market, the consumption of edible oil has reached about 30 million tons.

Project Report:10~20 ton/d  Small Cooking Oil Production Line

Currently, the establishment of cooking oil processing plant is still a good choice, but a lot of users do not know where to start, how to open the cooking oil processing factory and what the related equpment? These are the issues that entrepreneurs are concerned about. Here in this article ABC Machinery will talk about how to open a cooking oil processing plant. (Hot Product: Mini Mustart Oil Mill Plant )

small cooking oil extraction workshop

Small Cooking Oil Extraction Workshop

  • 1. What are the requirements for establishing a cooking oil processing plant?

There are two common types of business. One is small oil extraction workshop and the other is to open a regular cooking oil processing factory. Runing a small oil extraction workshop is simple. You just need to rent a room, apply for business license, and then you can undtertake the edible oil making business. While setting up a cooking oil processing factory is more complex. You should have a formal plant, and have the right to use the land, and the produced cooking oil should also meet the natinal edibel oil grade standards. ( Related post: mini soybean oil plant cost in india)

cooking oil extraction factory

Cooking Oil Extraction Factory

  • 2. What equipment does cooking oil processing plant need?

When planning to start a small oil extraction workshop, a screw oil press is OK. If necessary, you can add a set of cooking oil refining equipment. When planning to run a cooking oil factory, you will need a complete set of oilseed processing machinery which includes oilseeds pretreatment machinery, oil extraction machine, oil refining machine and many other auxiliary equipment.

  • 3. What should we pay attention to when buying edible oil processing equipment?

The selection of edible oil processing equipment should be based on your needs of production output. How much oilseeds you want to process per day? And what’s the requirement of final oil quality standard? The model and configuration of each equipment should be reasonably selected. Look for some reliable manufacturers of cooking oil processing equipment to do investigating, inspecting, and comparing, so that to choose the better equipment. It is very important to choose the right manufacturer, so that to ensure the equipment quality, process design, reasonable factory layout, low production cost and good service.

Rice Bran Oil Refinery Plant

The refining method of rice bran oil refinery plant:Chemical refinery,Physical refinery,Chemical &physical combination refinery

rice bran oil refining process

Working process of  rice bran oil refinery plant:

1.Pump crude edible oil into refining tank and heat with conduction oil, and the temperature will reach about 70°C-80°C after one hour.

Add acid or alkali to separate according to the acid value. After one hour’s processing and 4-6hours deposit, then convey soap stock to storage tank.

2.Pump refined oil into decoloring tank. When it is up to 90-110°C after one hour’s heating, add clay into tank for 20min’s processing. Then separate clay and oil with filter.(3Put decolorizing oil into deodorization tank with vacuum pump. Heat and process with steam for odor removal. After filtering, you will get final oil product.

The main process of  rice bran oil refinery plant:Crude oil,Degumming,Deacidification,Bleaching,Frame filter,Deodorization,Dewaxing,Leaf filter. Rice bran oil refinery plant Main parts:

(1) Refining section: used to P-acid de-gumming, alkali refining de-acid and water rinsing.

(2) Decoloring section: used to remove off pigments, bleaching oils and grease dehydrate.

(3) Deodorizing section: to remove off the odor components in oil.

(4) Dewax: used to remove off the wax in the oil, in order to get the high quality oil.

(5) Heat-transfer oil stove: supply each device production needing heat energy, temperature reach above 280°C.

(6) Steam generator: produce the needing steam for de-odoring and distillation.

(7) Vacuum pump: supply needing vacuum for dehydrate, de-color, de-odor. Vacuum degree can reach above 755mm Hg.

(8) Press filter: filter clay, filter out clear oil.

(9) Air compressor: blow dry bleached clay, blow empty the leftover oil in the press filter.

Flat Rotation Extractor

Flat rotation extractor is very popular to many kinds of pre-pressed cake. Rotation Cell at the high bin level makes it easy to form immersion vegetable oil extraction way and reduces meal fines in miscella. The Flat rotation extractor adopts rack driving system.

All this will help to improve the quality of crude oil and reduce scaling in the evaporation system. Out double layers Rotation Extractor has strong oil extraction power. It can be used for vegetable oil extraction from oilseeds. Expanded oil materials and pre-pressed cakes with the oil content of 25~35%. After vegetable oil extraction, oil residue in meal is reduced to less than 1%.
oil extractor Flat Rotation Extractor

  • Unique rotor balancing ensures less power consumption, less maintenance and no loud noise.
  • Rotation speed of Air Lock and Rotor Extractor can be adjusted automatically according to incoming oilseeds quantity to ensure that the bin level is stable. This will help to form micro negative pressure in the Extractor and prevent solvent escaping out from the Extractor.
  • Process of miscella circulation is improved to reduce solvent use, Solvent residue in meal and increases miscella concentration.
  • Engery Is saved by reducing the evaporation quantity.

We have rich experience of manufacturing and exporting large selection of various vegetable oil extraction machinery for different using purposes and our clients are very satisfied with our machines. We offer the best service and the most competitive prices with our solvent extraction plant and oil extraction machinery. If you prefer to know more infoabout our solvent extraction plant or vegetable oil extraction palnt, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we are always at your service!

Oil Frame Filter Press

The oil frame filter press is mainly used for filtering the crude oil pressed out by screw type oil press. The serial oil filter presses of frame typed oil filtering machine are ideal equipments for edible oil plant and individual oil processing house.

Oil frame filter press always be used as a oil purifier in the oil plants for edible oil or biodiesel. This model filter is suitable for filter crude oil and refined oil, and it is also can be used to filter bleaching oil in the refining workshop.
6LB-250 oil filter press 6LB-350 oil filter press
Crude (freshly extracted) oil contains moisture, and fiber, resins, colors etc. from the plant material, which make it darker and more opaque. These materials are removed by clarification – either by letting the oil stands undisturbed for a few days and then separating the upper layer, or by using an oil frame filter press. The oil is filtered through a cloth and heated briefly to 100°C to boil off any remaining traces of moisture. This is usually sufficient to meet the quality needs of customers and give a shelf life of several months when correctly packaged. However, the oil requires additional refining stages of de-gumming, neutralising and de-colouring to have a similar quality to commercially refined oils, and these stages are difficult to complete at a small scale.

Our oil frame filter press is characterized by convinient operation, stable technical effect, high capacity and low impurity.

How to Process Oilseed on a Small Scale

Most countries in the world have large refineries producing cooking oil from a variety of raw materials including maize, sunflower, soya, coconut, mustard seed and groundnuts. These large centralised plants have the advantage of high efficiency and reduced costs due to the economy of scale. Despite this, in many situations process oilseed on a small scale decentralised oil extraction can prove to be economic and provide opportunities for income generation.

Most commonly, opportunities exist where:

  • oil produced in the large refineries does not find its way out to more remote and distant rural areas.
  • high transport costs are involved in wide distribution of cooking oil so increasing the price of oil.
  • small farmers produce oilseeds such as groundnuts for sale to the large refineries which they then buy back, at high cost, in the form of cooking oil but without the valuable high protein oil cake.
  • the crude oil is used to produce added value products, most commonly soap.
  • more unusual, high value oilseeds are available; examples include Brazil Nuts, Macadamia Nuts.

Process Oilseed on a Small Scale

The policy environment

In many countries the oil processing sector is highly politicised and regulations exist which make entering the market difficult and tend to support the monopoly of the large processors. Large refineries may, for example, insist that farmers sell all their seed under a contract. In other cases seed has to be sold to a central Government marketing board, the board also supplying seed for planting. To determine whether small scale processing is likely to be economic it is most important to first investigate the local situation and regulations.

Raw material supply

Clearly there must be sufficient raw material available locally. One factor that will greatly influence the viability of the enterprise will be the amount of credit needed to purchase a stock of seed. The enterprise should aim to keep the minimum stock of seed but always have enough to continue operating throughout the year. This requires considerable working capital.

Where to Obtain Quality Rapeseed Oil Mill?

Rapeseed is far more durable than other oilseeds since it can withstand spring frost. It has a relatively low hull content and has an oil content of about 40-45% oil.

KMEC supplies seed oil press for rapeseed. After cleaning, the seeds are fed into oil mills or expeller. An OILTEK Expeller equipped with an independent kettle to heat and cook the seeds so that expelling can be done properly and maximum oil is squeezed to get top quality oil and cake.
Rapeseed Oil Mill
These eco-friendly machines provide excellent yields.Oil extraction was done exclusively with presses in the old times. Oil extraction is done with expellers as pre extraction before solvent extraction or as direct press extraction in the most situations. Oil Mills can process high oil content seeds like sunflower, rapeseed, castor, sheanut, copra, mango kernels and so forth. In smaller capacity plants, it is mostly used as direct extraction but while the capacity increases, oil mills are utilized for pre extraction.

If oil mill is utilized as pre extraction method, then the expelled cakes should be cooled in a Cooler before entering the extraction section. KMEC supplies the top quality Oil Mill machinery at very competitive prices. If you have interested in our rapeseed oil mill, pls feel free to contact us !

An Overview of Different Types of Oil Filling Machines

Oil filling machines makes any process dedicated to producing edible or vegetable oils a success, otherwise without them, these products would be so unfit and unhealthy to consume, basically, due to the presence of impurities associated with unprocessed oil products. What are oil filling machines? This refers to the filling of filling of liquids by the products’ capacity, measured in by use of Flowmeter. The filling speed will vary depending on filling volume as the average machine incorporates a volume control mechanism.

oil filling machineOil filling machines are of different types. This list can include anything from vegetable oil packing, cooking oil filling machine, oil filling machine, lubricant oil filling machine, lube oil filling machine, just to mention but a few. When choosing such a machine for any applications, it is important to consider some various factors when purchasing this one. It is particularly important to take crucial keenness when selecting filling machines for edible oils.

The Accutek filling machines are just great if you work with oil products. This company produces machines for filling, capping, labeling, bottling and packaging. Talk of a combination of machinery that will facilitate any oil filling process with little or no complications at all. This filling machine company has a reputation of producing machines of the highest quality possible. This will be the one stop point for anyone who will want to get a quality machine without spending a machine.

The Serac Edible Oil-filling machine is another machine that is one promising gadget for any oil product dealer. What you will find unique about it is that it has a steel build that makes it a handy and efficient machine for oil filing. While price and quality are some of the factors that anyone will consider when making purchases, energy efficiency is another factor that you cannot afford to leave behind. This is one of the machines will make you realize how oil filling can be economical, by saving you money on energy costs. It is very energy effective.

Buying the Essential Oil Extractor

Getting an Essential Oil Extractor is a matter of crucial importance particularly if one hails from the world regions where olive and oil producing grains are grown. Oil can be extracted for human consumption from many products. Even if the extracted oil is for machinery or for other possible use, the finished oil ought to have the highest safety of use. Well, safety is not the only place that will be factored in when buying an oil extractor but to arrive to the ultimate extractor, the basic question should be; where am I extracting the oil?

Oil ExtractorSo, what are the factors that one will need to consider when selecting an Essential Oil Extractor? Various methods can be put into place for oil extraction. These can include anything from distillation, maceration, enfleurage, solvent extraction to expression. Selecting the most appropriate extractor to match the best method for your particular type of oil will work best for you since some oils are of the highest quality extracted through certain methods.

The Anyang GEMCO oil extractor is in a class of its own when it comes to large scale production of oil. It can be used for commercial oil extraction. Design is one of the most promising and efficient oil extractors in the current market. This one product will make any user realize just how easy the extraction of oil can be. Its capacity is an overwhelming 50 tons per day.

AGICO also has great oil extractors that are used in the extraction of oil from jatropha in Africa and elsewhere. Such come handy in the preparation of the oil cake, which is then further processed to produce the jatropha oil. Since they are a big company, they will send engineers to do the installation and to ensure that the production kicks off in the right gear. There are many more extractors in the market but it is always better to invest in the best and most renowned brand names.

KMEC: Your ideal oil refinery supply partner

The success of any oil milling plant rests on the acquisition of equipment that is of quality and is able to produce the output that is expected by the plant owner. There are many types of oil milling equipment that is needed in every step of milling irrespective of the seeds that are being used to process the oil. Therefore, it is important to purchase such equipment from companies that are well established and have built a good reputation on providing quality products.

KMEC is one of the leading companies in the manufacture and exportation of oil mill plants and any other machinery that is related to them. The oil milling plant is sold in its complete form and delivered as per the instructions given by the customer. Apart from selling oil milling plants, KMEC has continued to lead the pack of manufacturers who provide quality products to oil refining companies through the importation as well as exportation of other products used in oil processing.
oil refinery
The machineries used in milling oil that is provided by KMEC can either be standard or customized depending on the needs of the plant owner. The technicians at the company study the details that are involved in a particular project and then select a plan that they believe is ideal, while making sure that a client gets machinery as well as services that are up to standard.

KMEC offers its services based on a variety of pillars but the most outstanding ones include great service, competitive prices, timely delivery and high quality products. These pillars have managed to keep the company growing in the quality of service as well as the number of oil refining companies that have increased over the years because of the types of oil milling machinery that they supply. Furthermore, KMEC has ensured that its presence is felt around the world by setting up oil milling plants in other continents apart from China which is their headquarters. Plant owners can also purchase quality products from KMEC in Africa, South America, Australia and countries such as Russia.

Guidelines on selecting an oil refinery plant supplier

Oil refining companies are gradually growing to be able to meet the need of the rising demand of edible oil. Majority of the oil refinery plants that are currently operating have their focus on edible oil which is pressed from a variety of seeds. These seeds can either be those that have a lot of oil in them and do not need preparation and others that need preparation before being put under an oil press to remove as much oil as possible, which is then refined . However, when dealing in large amounts of crude oil it is important to find an oil refinery plant that is going to provide satisfactory results in the long run. This type of oil refineries can only be found when the supplier of the machine is reputable as well.
Small Oil Refinery Plant
The reputation of a supplier dealing in oil refinery plants is very important as it gives a buyer an idea of the type of machine that will be delivered to them. If working with an oil refinery plant supplier online, it is important to go through the reviews on their website to be sure that they have satisfied customers. Furthermore, the services an oil refinery plant supplier offers differs from one to another which makes it important to ask beforehand so as not to be disappointed. Sometimes a supplier may be selling an oil refinery plant at a higher price than another but the extra services that they offer are worth more than a cheaper supplier.

The cost of the oil refinery plant is also another factor to consider when making a purchase so as to buy a machine that is within the budget yet effective in the refining of oil either for small or even large scale.